Sweden: Samir and Viktor: “We don’t want to win”

Sweden: Samir and Viktor: “We don’t want to win”

As we all remember, Samir and Viktor were directly qualified to the Melodifestivalen 2018 Final from the 2nd semi-final in Gothenburg. Therefore, the duo has created big waves of enthusiasm in Sweden with their dancing song “Sheefla” to be in Top 50 on Spotify. Their video clip is the 2nd highest on Youtube among all the Melodifestivalen entries with 1.2 milion views.This is behind Margaret’s “My Cabana”  which has 1.8 million views.

Only two days are left for the grand  and Viktor stated that he does not want them to win.He explained that the obligations which may be waiving from Eurovision represenantion will burden their schedule.

This statement follows yesterday’s information about Viktor’s participation in the “Let’s Dance” show which begins on March 23rd.

Viktor told the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” that if he wins, “I will be unable to manage my program, and for this we hope that we will not be the ones”.

After their rehersal for Satyrday’s Final, Viktor said:

“It’s very hectic. We are so tired, I have just been at the press meeting and now I’m here at Friends Arena. I sleep very deeply — it has become very easy for me to fall asleep I can tell you. I get back home sleep, wake up, go to dance rehearsal and then rehearse for the final on Saturday. I don’t even see the sun.” 

Viktor does not participate only in two of the most famous Swedish shows but we will also watch him with Samir in the biggest tour of the world next week.They will perform in 11 different cities in three days.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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