Sweden: SVT to broadcast the alternative Eurovision program “Sveriges 12:a”

Sweden: SVT to broadcast the alternative Eurovision program “Sveriges 12:a”

Sweden will be among the European countries the national broadcaster of which will be broadcasting an alternative Eurovision show replacing the cancelled Eurovision 2020 shows. 

SVT, has announced that it will be airing an alternative Eurovision show in the place of the cancelled Eurovision 2020 shows due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The show is titled  “Sveriges 12:a” and comes as a result of  Christer Björkman’s initiative.

Eurovision week will consist of two shows which will be aired on May 9 and 14. The Swedish audience will take part in the show by declaring its favorite Eurovision 2020 entry. During the first show viewers will have the chance to listen to all 41 Eurovision 2020 entries and vote via the Melodifestivalen app their favorite one, the same application used during the Swedish national selection. A total of 25 songs will qualify to the second show of “Sveriges: 12:a”.

During the second show on May 14, the 25 qualified entries will be displayed once again followed by a second round of public voting via the same application. The entry with the most votes will be declared as Sweden’s Eurovision 2020 winner!

David Sundin

Eurovision week will be presented by Christer Björkman and comedian  David Sundin. The show will be accessable to all Eurovision fans globally who can watch the show through the  Svtplay.se . However fans abroad will not have the chance to cast any votes. Additionally, the  final show will see this year’s Melodifestivalen winners ,The Mamas  perform live their Eurovision 2020 entry Move .

Source: SVT

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