Sweden: SVT unveils nine more Melodifestivalen 2021 acts

Sweden: SVT  unveils nine more Melodifestivalen 2021 acts

The Swedish national broadcaster, SVT, has unveiled nine  more competing acts of the next edition of Melodifestivalen.

The Swedish national broadcaster, SVT, will be unveiling throughout the week the participants of the next Melodifestivalen that will determine Sweden’s Eurovision act. Yesterday SVT unveiled the first set of nine conestants.


Here is the next group of nine acts that will compete in Melodifestivalen 2021:

1.Anton Ewald – ‘New Religion’

Anton Kim Ewald (born 7 August 1993) is a Swedish singer and dancer. He has participated in Melodifestivalen several times as both a background dancer and singer.

Ewald began his career as a background dancer at Melodifestivalen. In Melodifestivalen 2009, he danced behind Velvet when she competed in the third semi-final in Leksand with “The Queen”. In Melodifestivalen 2012 he was a dancer and choreographer behind Danny Saucedo in his song “Amazing”. He also danced and choreographed Andreas Lundstedt number “Aldrig aldrig” (“Never Never”) during the same year’s competition.

Ewald participated in Melodifestivalen 2013, with the song “Begging” written by Fredrik Kempe, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad. After his semi-final performance on 9 February 2013, he placed third and was given a chance to take part in the “Second chance” round that was held in Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad to qualify for the national final. Ewald choreographed the appearance himself.At the Second Chance round held on 2 March 2013, he qualified for the national final in Friends Arena after a final duel with Behrang Miri and his song “Jalla Dansa Sawa”. Ewald became one of just two acts from the Second Chance round to qualify for the final, the other qualifier being Robin Stjernberg with his song “You”. In the final of Melodifestivalen 2013 Ewald finished fourth. After Melodifestivalen he released two music singles, “Begging” and “Can’t Hold Back”, and two EPs, A and A-coustic.

Anton participated once again in Melodifestivalen 2014, performing the song “Natural” in the fourth and last semi-final. He made it to the final where he came in tenth place.

“New Religion” was written by Jonas Wallin, Joe Killington, Anton Ewald, Maja Strömstedt.


2. Nathalie Brydolf – ‘Fingerprints’

Nathalie relation with music go way back in high school at Stockholm’s Aesthetic Gymnasium as part of the choir. After her studies in London she return to home soil.  In 2018, Nathalie took part in Idol where she finished in sixth place. This will be Nathalie’s debut in the Melodifestivalen.

Her song is written by Etta Zelmani, Sophie Zelmani’s daughter, along with Andreas Stone Johansson, Etta Zelmani, Laurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin.


3.WAHL feat. SAMI – ’90-talet’

Two solo acts join forces in order to partcipate in the next Melodifestivalen under a common entry. Sami Rekik 42 years-old was one of the two act of Medina, one of Sweden’s most famous hip-hop duos. Now he has gone solo under the name SAMI and has released songs in collaboration with acts as Cherrie, Danny and Jireel.  The second act is 34 years-old Christopher Wahlberg, songwrtiter and composer as one act of the duo SödraSidan, that has gone sole under the name WAHL. SödraSidan has been active on the Swedish hip hop scene for several years.

Their song “90-talet” was written by Sami Rekik, Christopher Wahlberg, Josefin Glenmark, Jesper Welander, Andreas Larsson.


4. Patrik Jean – ‘Tears Run Dry’

Patrik Jean is a Swedish singer and songwriter from Stockholm. In soulful pop songs he sings about guys and girls breaking his heart, and the phases you go through getting over someone. Patrik Jean has written two singles for Felix Jaehn, one of which was number one on the German Airplay Chart, and he will be featured on the upcoming album.He wrote last year’s Danish summer anthem “Mad For It”, released by TooManyLeftHands.

He ended 2017 with writing “Treading Water” for Swedish Idol winner Chris Kläfford that went number one on Sweden Top 50 and Global Viral 50 on Spotify. In 2018 he released Low Life by Soleima, which ended up on the US Viral chart and on British BBC Radio 1.He was one of the songwriters behind the song “Move” with The Mamas. Now he wants to show that he is also an artist to keep an eye on and has already released two of his own EPs.

“Tears Run Dry”, has been wirtten by Herman Gardarfve, Patrik Jean, Melanie Wehbe.


5. Charlotte Perrelli – ‘Still Young’

Anna Jenny Charlotte Perrelli (née Nilsson; born 7 October 1974) is a Swedish singer and occasional television host. She was the winner of the 1999 Melodifestivalen and subsequently that year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Take Me to Your Heaven.”

Since then she has released seven albums and multiple singles. Perrelli once again won Melodifestivalen 2008 and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with her song “Hero” finishing in 18th place. She also performed on several of Sweden’s top TV shows, such as SommarkryssetVictoriadagen and Nationaldagen. On 31 October 2008 Perrelli was a guest judge and coach for the remaining contestants on Idol 2008.

She participated in Melodifestivalen 2012 with the entry “The Girl” by Fredrik Kempe in a bid to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the fourth semi-final of the show, she came in fifth, and failed to qualify to the final. Nonetheless, she released her seventh album titled The Girl, which contained eight new tracks, including “Little Braveheart”, a duet with Belgian singer Kate Ryan

She is one of Sweden’s most popular female singers, often performing at Sweden’s top shows. Throughout her career, she has worked with different types of music, ranging from dansband and schlager, via modern pop, to soulful ballads and jazz melodies.

“Still Young” was written by “Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Erik Bernholm, Charlie Gustavsson”.


6.Frida Green – ‘The Silence’

Frida attended the Aesthetics program with a focus on music. Since graduating in 2011, most of her life has revolved around music. Frida is a singer in two different bands and was in the summer of 2015 current with the radio threat “Johnny G” as a singer in the band Badpojken.

Like a fresh breath from Österlen, Frida Green captured the Swedish people with her interpretation of Sia’s ” Chandelier “ in the first part of Talang 2018. In 2019, she released the sling “Beat Em Up”, which has close to 2 million downloads on Spotify. Frida has a singing voice that goes straight into the soul! She is often compared to the British megastar Adele. During the summer of 2020, Frida applied for Idol.

“The Silence” has been penned by Anna Bergendahl, Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias, Joy Deb.


7. Lillasyster – ‘Pretender’

Lillasyster is a Swedish Rock band formed in Gothenburg in 2006. They released their debut album, Hjärndöd musik för en hjärndöd generation (Braindead Music For A Braindead Generation) in May 2007.

Lillasyster (meaning Little Sister) was formed as Rallypack in 2004, by former LOK members Martin Westerstrand (lead vocals) and Daniel Cordero (bass). After a while, Rallypack changed the name to Lillasyster. In February 2007 their first single “Berätta det för Lina” (“Tell It to Lina” in English) was released and in May 2007 they released their first album. They are also known for their cover versions of R&B star Rihanna’s “Umbrella” the same year (2007) and Katy Perry’s “Roar” (2014) which became successful. The style of Lillasyster’s music is very similar to LOK’s music.

‘Pretender’ has been written by Isak Hallén, Jakob Redtzer, Martin Westerstrand, Ian Paolo Lira, Palle Hammarlund.


8. Elisa – ‘Den du är’

Eva Elisa Lindström (born 24 April 1991) is a Swedish singer of country and pop music, and in dansbands. She is currently the lead singer for the dansband, Elisa’s.

As part of the music group Lali, she participated in Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2005, where their song titled “Du får ta mitt hjärta” (You can take my heart) finished in sixth place overall. She has taken part in several tv competitions such as SVT’s show Dansbandskampen in 2010(meaning”Battle of the Dancebands”), where her band qualified to the finals, eventually winning the contest in the final.  In 2013, Lindström took part in the choir singing competition show Körslaget (meaning “Clash of the Choirs”) which se won also.

She  participated in Melodifestivalen 2014 with her entry “Casanova”She participated in Let’s Dance 2016 which was broadcast on TV4, she won the final against Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso.

She co-wrote her entry alongside Bobby Ljunggren, Ingela Pling Forsman.


9. Dotter – ‘Little Tot’

Johanna Maria Jansson (born 10 June 1987), better known by her stage name Dotter, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She finished second in Melodifestivalen 2020 with her song “Bulletproof”, one point behind the winning song.

Dotter co-wrote the song “A Million Years” by Mariette Hansson for Melodifestivalen 2017. It went on to place fourth in the final. She also co-wrote the song “Victorious” performed by Lina Hedlund in Melodifestivalen 2019. It went on to place eleventh in the final.


A total of 28 acts will battle for the trophy over six shows that are set to all take place in Stockholm, marking a break from the Melfest Tour where the six shows took place across the country’s cities and towns. This edition will see only one venue, which hasn’t been determined yet, and with out the attendance of audience due to the covid-19 restrictions.

Melodifestivalen live shows will kick of on March 6 while the grand final is set for March 13, 2020. Check out the Melfest 2021 will unwind below:

  • 06/02/2021- Semifinal 1
  • 13/02/2021- Semifinal 2
  • 20/02/2021- Semifinal 3
  • 27/02/2021- Semifinal 4
  • 06/03/2021-  Second Chance  (Andra Chansen)
  • 13/03/2021-  Grand Final

Source: Eurofansradio.com

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