Once the 4th semi final was completed, the Second Chance semi final’s line up was completed . A total of 8 contestants will be having a second chance to qualify to the final show that is set to take place on March 9 in Stockholm.  The 2nd chance semi final will take place next Saturday  and the 8 acts will compete in duels . The winner of each duel will qualify to the final, determining the last 4 spots of the final.

                   H Karin Gunnarsson and Christer Björkman show off the duels. Photo: Helena Nilsson / SVT

Therefore the Swedish national broadcaster , SVT, unveiled the 4 duels which are: 

Duel 1

  1. Andreas Johnson – “Army of Us”
  2. Anna Bergendahl – “Ashes to Ashes”

Duel 2

  1. Vlad Reiser – “Nakna i regnet”
  2.  Nano – “Chasing Rivers”

Duel 3

  1.  Martin Stenmarck – “Låt skiten brinna”
  2.  Lisa Ajax – “Torn”

Duel 4

  1. Rebecka Karlsson – “Who I Am”
  2. Arvingarna – “I Do”

The “Andra Chansen” show is set to take place next Saturday, March 2 at  Rosvalla Nyköping Eventcenter  in Nyköping during which the last four finalists will be determined.