Sweden: Tonight,the grand Final of “Melodifestivalen 2018”

Sweden: Tonight,the grand Final of “Melodifestivalen 2018”

After 4 semifinals and 1 second chance show, the  final day of the national selection for Sweden‘s entry at Eurovision Song Contest 2018, has arrived. «Melodifestivalen»  Grand Final will be held tonight at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, and will be hosted by David Lingren and Fredrik Svensson.

In the 4 semifinals, we watched a total of 28 artists compete. Out Of the seven acts who took part each time, 2 qualified to the final and 2 to the second chance show. In the second chance show, the 8 contestants were divided into 4 Duels, where from each one, the act with the most votes from the audience qualified to the final.

So, the 12 entries of the «Melodifestivalen» Final 2018 are as follows:

  1. Mendez – Everyday
  2. Renaida – All the feels
  3. Martin Almgren – A bitter lullaby
  4. John Lundvik – My turn
  5. Jessica Andersson – Party voice
  6. LIAMOO – Last breath
  7. Samir & Viktor – Shuffla
  8. Mariette – For you
  9. Felix Sandman – Every single day
  10. Margaret – In my cabana
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance you off
  12. Rolandz – Fuldans

Among the artists, we will see the country’s representative in 2003, Jessica Andersson, who has taken part in Melodifestivalen another 5 times (2004 – 6th place, 2006 – 5th place third semifinals, 2007 – second chance, 2010 – 8th place and 2015 – 11th place) , Mendez (Melodifestivalen 2002 – 2nd and 2003 – 5th), Samir & Viktor (Melodifestivalen 2015 – 8th and 2016 – 12th), Mariette (Melodifestivalen 2015 – 3rd and 2017 -4th place), Sandman (member of the FO & O group who participated in Melodifestivalen 2017 – 11th place), Benjamin Ingrosso (Melodifestivalen 2017 – 5th place) and Polish Margaret who had taken part in the national final of her country in 2016, ranking 2nd.

The winner who will travel to Lisbon on behalf of Sweden will come out from a combination of voting by the viewers and an international jury consisting of the following countries:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • France
  • Georgia
  • United Kingdom
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Portugal

The final of Melodifestivalen 2018 will start at 20:00 CET and you will be able to watch it HERE.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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