Sweden: Wiktoria’s Melodifestivalen 2019 entry leaked on Spotify; Is her entry in risk of a disqualification?

Sweden: Wiktoria’s Melodifestivalen 2019 entry leaked on Spotify; Is her entry in risk of a disqualification?

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that semi final 1 qualifier Wiktoria and finalist of  Melodifestivalen 2019 is facing the danger of qualification as her entry  “Not With Me” leaked on Spotify.

Last Saturday Wiktoria saw her entry win one of the two tickets that lead to the final of Melodifestivalen 2019 . However, against what the rules of Melodifestivalen predict, her entry leaked on Spotify just after the semi final according to Dagens Nyheter’s report that newspaper Aftonbladet reposted. The Melodifestivalen rules forbid any song of the final to be released before all songs have been heard. Therefore before the last semi final round no finalist can release his entry in any way.  

Nellie Sörman, from Wiktoria’s record label,Sony, stated to Dagens Nyheter that the leak was a result of a technical error, which caused the leak in an earlier time than the company had initially planned. The song was immediately removed from Spotify as soon as Dagens Nyheter contacted Sony.

Nevertheless, whatever breach of regulations is rather minor and Sörman wnet further on stating:

That Wiktoria’s song came out on Spotify for about 2h is of course really bad. Sony acted immediately when we found out . With the direct help of the Spotify office in New York, which acted quickly, we got down the song quite promptly.

And she concluded saying that taking in mind the short time the song was availiable very few people got the chance to listen to it.

However, we must wait and see the official reaction by the Swedish broadcaster , SVT, and what kind of action it will take. The last time that such a disqualification took part was in 2016 when Anna Brook saw her entry disqualified Himmel för två as it had previously been entered into the Moldovan Eurovision selection and was available on YouTube under the title Taking Care of a Broken Heart by Felicia Dunaf.

The 2nd semi final of Melodifestivalen is set to take place next Saturday, February 9 in Malmö

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