Switzerland 2019: National broadcaster switches to a different national selection process

Switzerland 2019: National broadcaster switches to a different national selection process

It seems as Switzerland this year is making a swift in the way of selecting its Eurovision participant and is leaving behind the Die Entscheidungsshow . But which are specifically the plans of  the four national broadcasters SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR that traditionally co-organize the national selection process?

After Malta , which has revealed that its next representative for next year’s Eurovision will be determined by thy x factor show, it was  Switzerland turn to reveal its future plans.

First major change, is the termination of the Die Entscheidungsshow, as the format of the national selection which determined he country’s representatives for the last eight years. Such decision is justified by austerity measures  and the lack of successive results the latest years in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Instead of the old way , SRF will switch to a particular internal selection process. The song and artist that will represent Switzerland in Eurovision 2019 will be selected through a collaboration of a public spectator panel with an international jury.  There will not be any broadcast of the selection and the selected song will be unveiled once the procedure has reached to a final result.

The Process For The Song

SRF’s call for submissions of songs starts from September 1 and ends one month later on 1st of October. All Swiss citizens have the right to submit a song. According to SRF the broadcaster is seeking for songs that fit the Eurovision Contest and with a sentimental appeal.

On the other hand, following RTS and SRF, the Italian speaking broadcaster RSI has now opened a call for artists to send in their songs in their quest to partake in the 2019 Swiss selection. The rules and regulations for the Swiss Italian Eurovision 2019 regional selection can be found on the official RSI site 

Artists, composers and songwriters that are interest in competing in the specific selection can send in their songs and applications to RSI via post or digitally online from 27 July-30 August. The post to the broadcaster must include 1) Audio file of the complete song in mp3 or wav format 2) Audio file of the basic song only in mp3 or wav format 3)The lyrics of the song in word format, text only or pdf 4) The biography in word format, text only or pdf 5) Copy of the document (passport or identity card) 6) 1 recent photo 

Notable that the jury will consist of a total of 120 members ( 100 will form the public jury and 20 the international one). The whole national selection will have concluded in a final result by the end of 2018.

The Story So Far

Switzerland made its debut in the first  Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956 and won the same year with Lys Assia. It was not until 1988  when the country was crowned winner for the 2nd time with Celine Dion leaving in second place behind the United Kingdom only by a narrow margin of 1 point.

In this year’s contest the country chose   duo Zibbz to represent it on the Altice Arena stage in Lisbon with their song Stones. In spite of their dynamic performance they didn’t avoid Switzerland’s 4th successive failure to qualify to the Final.

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