Switzerland: Candidates for RTS revealed.

Switzerland: Candidates for RTS revealed.

The Swiss French national broadcaster, RTS, has made public the names of the 6 candidates that will  pass in the second round of the Swiss selection.

After gathering a number of 26 candidates, RTS concluded after an internal selection to 6 candidates which are :

RTS selected candidates

  1. Alenko – Vu d’en haut
  2. Anach CuanHurdy gurdy girls
  3. CeliaLetter to myself
  4. Licia CheryFly
  5. Mélanie RenéTime to shine
  6. Shana P.Kevlar heart

These 6 will meet the other three act selected by RSI ( The Vad Vac, Deborah Bough and Elias featuring Zero In On), and the 9 selected acts from SRF/RTR, so a total number of 18 artists will compete in the live auditionsthat will take place in Zurich on the 7th of December . After a selective evaluation the jury will come down to only 6 candidates (3 acts from SRF/RTR, 2 acts from RTS and 1 act from RSI), that will compete   in the Swiss Eurovision national final on 31 January in Kreuzlingen .


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