Switzerland: International Expert Jury members and Audience Panel assess candidate entries

Switzerland: International Expert Jury members and Audience Panel assess candidate entries

The Swiss national broadcaster, SRF, shed more light on the national selection process for Eurovision 2002, opting  once again for an internal selection.

Like last year the Swiss broadcaster will be using a International Expert Jury alongside with a Audience Panel to evaluate the submitted songs, which this year reached 515. The Audience Panel will be made up by 100 members while the International Jury will consists of 21 experts of music. SRF revealed the 21 members that will form this year’s International jury.

The 21 members are:

  • Adrienn Zsédenyi (Hungary) singer and actor
  • Alexey Gross (Belarus) singer
  • Anders Øhrstrøm (Denmark) composer, producer and vocal teacher
  • Argyro Christodoulides (Cyprus) pianist and musician
  • Deivydas Zvonkus (Lithuania) producer, songwriter and composer
  • Einar Bardarson (Iceland) songwriter and manager
  • Florent Luyckx (The Netherlands) Marketing manager at revcord label Zomba Records
  • Gordon Groothedde (The Netherlands) composer and producer
  • Gore Melian (Armenia) singer and song writer
  • Grzegorz Urban (Poland) pianist
  • Helga Möller ( Iceland) singer
  • Henrik Johnsson (Sweden) manager and producer
  • Jennifer O’Brien (Ireland) journalist
  • Leonid Shyrin (Belarus) composer
  • Maria Marcus (Sweden) song writer and producer
  • Ovidiu Jacobsen (Norway/Romania) singer, song writer and producer
  • Pete Watson (United Kingdom) musical director
  • Rafailas Karpis (Lithuania) opera vocalist
  • Ruth Lorenzo Pascual (Spain) singer
  • Sasha Saedi (Austria) manager of Universal Music Austria and producer
  • Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia) singer and Flute player

Some of the outstanding names of the jury are that of Ruth Lorenzo who represented Spain in Eurovision 2014, Slovenia’s representative in ESC 2014,Tinkara Kovač, τον εκπρόσωπο της Ρουμανίας το 2010 και 2014 Ovidiu Jacobsenwho represented Romania in ESC 2010 and 2014, the group memver of  IcytrioHelga Möller, which represented Iceland back in 1986, and  Alexey Gross a 3 times national finalist for Eurovision in Belarus.

Last week SRF confirmed tha thte official announcement of the Eurovision act will take place in March, one breath away from the deadline of March 9. Marcel Eberhard (member of the 100 member audience panel) revealed that so far they have listened to the entries in three rounds with the first heat lasting 2 hours. Marco stated satified by the the quality of this year’s songs.   


Switzerland made its debut in the first  Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956 and won the same year with Lys Assia. It was not until 1988  when the country was crowned winner for the 2nd time with Celine Dion leaving in second place behind the United Kingdom only by a narrow margin of 1 point.

In 2018 reached its 4th year of non qualifying results with the duo Zibbz and their song Stones. However this year Luca Hänni made the difference for Switzerland as his entry “She Got me” not only managed to reach the grand final but achieved a 4th placing, the best result since 1993. Let remembe Luca’s energetic performance on Expo Tel Aviv stage:

Angelo D.

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