Switzerland: Listen to Gjon’s Tears perform live his Eurovision 2020 entry “Répondez-moi”

Switzerland: Listen to Gjon’s Tears perform live his Eurovision 2020 entry “Répondez-moi”

Last evening the Swiss Eurovision 2020 representative, Gjon’s Tears, performed live at  Nouveau Monde in Fribourg, his Eurovision entry  Répondez-moi

The song is written by Xavier Michel, Alizé Oswald and Jeroen Swinnen together with the artist Gjon Muharremaj. Jeroen Swinnen previously worked with Tom Dice on his Eurovision 2010 entry “Me and My Guitar”: “Répondez-moi” will be the first Swiss song to be sung in French for 10 years.

A few words for Gjon’s Tears

Gjon Muharremaj, also known professionally as Gjon’s Tears, is a Swiss singer and songwriter of Kosovo-Albanian descent. Gjon Muharremaj was born to a Kosovo-Albanian father and an Albanian mother from Tirana. In 2010, he competed in the first season of the talent competition Albanians Got Talent. In 2019, he auditioned for the eight season of The Voice of France and reached the semi-finals.

The Swiss act was selected through an internal selection format based on a 21 member international jury and a 100 membered audience panel. The International jury cosnsited of Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014)  Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia 2014), Ovidiu Jacobsen (Romania 2010&2014),Helga Möller (member of Icytrio , Iceland 1986)  and Alexey Gross (3 times national finalist in Belarus)

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