Switzerland: ZiBBZ to release “O Jardim” in english

Switzerland: ZiBBZ to release “O Jardim” in english

ZiBBZ,the duo of the two brothers from Switzerland, this year represented their  country with the song “Stones“. Although many believed that they will qualify to the final, they eventually failed to do so and with 13th place in the semifinal, they stayed out.

But a few days ago, they made another surprise for their fans, regarding, of course Eurovision but not their own participation. The Swiss brothers released this year’s Portuguese entry, “O Jardim”,in English.

As they themselves revealed, they wanted to present a cover of this particular song because:

“Sometimes,reall art doesn’t get enough attention at a big show like Eurovision…that’s why we made an english version of “O Jardim”.

Listen below to this cover:


Fotis Kourouvanis

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