Tel Aviv Rehearals Day 8: Israel and France open today’s rehearsals

Tel Aviv Rehearals Day 8: Israel and France open today’s rehearsals

Today technical rehearsals go on with the second run for the Big 5 countries and the host country of  Israel. 

Israel and France open the day with their two technical rehearsals.


Kobi Marimi for the host country is back on stage in order to make his 2nd technical rehearsal of his entry “Home”

Kobi appears on stage initially alone in a dark lighted scene and is again wearing a black suit with a shirt under it. His jacket has tails.   On the background there are two rows of  trapezoids , which are perimetrically lit up and  by the chorus of the song display on the LED screens pictures of the Israeli act.

After two male and two female backing vocalists appear from behind the trapezoid shaped columns and join Kobi on the center of the stage. The song ends with Kobi standing on the front catwalk of the stage. Another amazing vocally performance by the Israeli representative.

Check out Israel’s second rehearsal clip:


After the host country’s 2nd rehearsal the schedule continues with  France’s second technical rehearsal with Bilal Hassani and his entry “Roi”.

No change of outfit for Bilal and his dancers. As the song starts we see Bilal’s face in a close up shot and falling tears are been project on his face and some other pictures.  After he appear himself with a clear face and moves to the central part of the stage.

During the first chorus a burly ballet dancer comes and joins Bilal onstage and start making ballad moves interacting with the French artist. Some time after another dancer of  Asian origin appears from the other side of the stage and joins the performance while her moves are part of the sign language.

Check out Bilal’s 2nd rehearsal clip:

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