Tel Aviv sees the third day of rehearsals, with the 1st half of the second semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The nine countries of the 2nd semi final that will rehearse today are ArmeniaIrelandMoldovaSwitzerlandLatviaRomaniaDenmarkSwedenAustria.

It was time for Luca Hänni to make his first rehearsal. The Swiss representative got on stage to dance off literally his entry She got me! At the moment he’s one of the bookies’ favorites. Can he score a victory for Switzerland after 31 years since Celine Dion won the trophy?

Luca is wearing black trousers, boots and a sleeveless vest . On the other had, his dancers are all dressed in red.

Two male dancers wear red trousers, boots,shirts and short-sleeved jackets while  the two female dancers wear  red boots, cycling shorts and jackets. Underneath the jackets, they wear cropped tops. 

Check out below Luca’s first rehearsal video: