Tel Aviv rehearsal Day 6: Ireland and Moldova go on with their 2nd rehearsal

Tel Aviv rehearsal Day 6: Ireland and Moldova go on with their 2nd rehearsal


After last day’s rehearsals with almost all of semi final 1 countries making their 2nd rehearsal, rehearsals continue with the two remaining countries from the first semi final and nine from the 2nd semi final to conclude with the big 5 and host country’s first rehearsal.  Therefore the day kicks off with Greece  and concludes with Germany.

Irleand and Moldova take the stage for their 2nd rehearsal.


Up next is Ireland and Sarah McTernan to rehearse this year’s Irish entry “22”.

Sarah took the stage alongside with her dancers dressed pink cropped tops and cropped trousers, with red headbands.

No outstanding changes to the outfits as Sarah  is wearing again her red leather outfit – a pencil skirt and cropped top. However her whole outlook doesn’t stick with the 50’s diner inspiration she earlier talked about before her rehearsal.

Check out Ireland’s 2nd video rehearsal:


Following Ireland is the country of Moldova  with Anna Odobescu to rehearse her entry “Stay”.

Anna wears her large white dress, that looks like a wedding dress. The basic part of the dress is short, white and  strapless.

A  net skirt is worn over the top at the back side while  Anna wears two net sleeves that goes along with the skirt.

After surpassing the sound issues in her first rehearsals Anna this time vocally appears better than all previous runs and gives an impressive emotional performance.

Angelo D.

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