Tel Aviv rehearsal Day 6: S!sters from Germany close today’s schedule

Tel Aviv rehearsal Day 6: S!sters from Germany close today’s schedule

After last day’s rehearsals with almost all of semi final 1 countries making their 2nd rehearsal, rehearsals continue with the two remaining countries from the first semi final and nine from the 2nd semi final to conclude with the big 5 and host country’s first rehearsal.  Therefore the day kicks off with Greece  and concludes with Germany.

The day reaches its final rehearsal with Germany, as the duo S!sters take the stage for the debut rehearsal of their entry “Sister”. Can Laura Kästel and Carlotta Truman bring on a  successful Eurovision result to the country, after last year’s 4th place by  Michael Schulte in Lisbon?

The duo appears on the stage, choosing  black as the color of their outfits. Laurita wears a short, black  playsuit, with a v-neck , while Carlotta wears an outfit a skin-tight, high-waist leggings, and a long sleeved  cropped top

They start their performance by singing from the two sides of the stage, until they meet in the front part of the state. The words  “SORRY” and “RESPECT” are displayed when the meet.

During the last notes of the song several pictures showing women related to each other appear on the LED screen behind.

Take a look at Germany’s first rehearsal clip:

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