Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 2: It’s Greece’s turn with Katerine Duska to rehearse “Better Love’

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 2: It’s Greece’s turn with Katerine Duska to rehearse “Better Love’

Tel Aviv sees the second day of rehearsals, with the 2nd half of the first semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The rest eight countries of the first semi final that will rehearse today are  Belgium, Georgia,Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino.

Second last rehearsal for today and it’s time for Greece and its Representative Katerine Duska to take the stage and rehearse the song “Better Love”. 

Katerine appears on stage wearing a white dress with a line of peals in her hair. Her 3 dancers-singers wear white and yellow layered tops with high collars and large pearls on the front. The acts’ outfits links to the official video where same type of clothes with pearls and swords featured the story there.

At the beginning of her performance Katerine stands on a prop that looks like an ancient Greek fountain. There are 2 dancers with swords in each hand to the side and 3 dancers sitting on the front of the props. Later in the performance, this turns around to reveal a wall of flowers, which sometime later become part of the same picture of flowers displayed on the video screen behind.

At some point of the song the 2 sword dancers perform synchronized ballet and contemporary dance moves whilst the 3 additional dancers lie down in order to interact with LED flooring. The overall picture in very impressive and certainly attracts your attention all the way through.

Check out the video of Katerine Duska’s first rehearsal in Expo Tel Aviv:

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