Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 2: Up next is Iceland with Hatari

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 2: Up next is Iceland with Hatari

Tel Aviv sees the second day of rehearsals, with the 2nd half of the first semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The rest eight countries of the first semi final that will rehearse today are  Belgium, Georgia,Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino.

Iceland is up next to rehearse and the promising 3 member techno group of Hatari take the stage to rehearse their song “Hate will prevail” for the first time. Can Hatari bring Iceland back in the final after 4 years of absence?

Hatari’s performance today is what we already so in their previous live performances reflecting a gothic BDSM style. The high note vocalist, Klemens, appears with a black corset with leather, chain and spike adornments. He also wears bright white trousers and black boots. 

On the hand , Matthias, the harsh singer, wears a black harness, with long plastic type sleeves while his trousers are black PVC  too. Einar doesn’t appear forward that much, however he is wearing a spiked mask and white contact lenses. This is combined with a  PVC BDSM-style outlook. The spikes on the band’s costumes, have red paint on them so as to  to look like blood.

 Hatari are joined by two female vocalists-dancers, who wear white bodysuits with matching white harnesses, and black boots. The other member on stage wears an flesh-colored bodysuit and full body harness giving the impression that he is nude, perfectly combined with the BDSM outlook.

Check out Hatari’s first rehearsal video:

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