Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 4: Croatia kicks off today’s rehearsals

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 4: Croatia kicks off today’s rehearsals

Expo Tel Aviv sees the fourth day of rehearsals, with the 2nd half of the second semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The rest eight countries of the 2nd semi final that will rehearse today, following yesterday’s first set of nine countries, are Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan.

First act to open today’s rehearsals is Roko Blažević from Croatia who appear on stage to rehearse his entry entitled “The Dream”. Will Roko manage to bring Croatia to the Grand final and make his dream of a victory come true?

Roko appears on stage dress in total white. He is wearing white trousers with a simple white t-shirt on top , and above that a white leather jacket.

His two dancers that stand behind him, on his two sides appear on stage half naked on top and wearing white trousers. They have a pair of golden winds attached on their backs.

Roko begins his song lying down on the floor while the LED floor displays two wings attached to his body. During the song the two dancers will attach two real golden wings on his back.

The attraction of the performance is when the two dancers as angels fly away from the stage . The total white on the acts clothes serves the perfectly the “angelic” and dreamy concept of the staging. The overall impression is nice and Roko himself vocally delivers the song really good.

Check out the video of Roko’s first impression:

Angelo D.

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