Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 4: Next to rehearse is Tamara from North Macedonia

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 4: Next to rehearse is Tamara from North Macedonia

Expo Tel Aviv sees the fourth day of rehearsals, with the 2nd half of the second semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The rest eight countries of the 2nd semi final that will rehearse today, following yesterday’s first set of nine countries, are Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan.

Second last to rehearse is North Macedonia, which this year is represented by a returning to Eurovision act, Tamara. Tamara will be performing her song “Proud” and attempting to bring the country back to the finals, where it hasn’t been since 2012. Can Tamara  11 years after her Eurovision participation together with Rade Vrchakovski and Adrian GaxhaTamara Todevska  achieve North Macedonia’s qualification to the final?

Tamara is wearing a  green gown during her performance. Her dress has high-cut neckline and long sleeves in black and are opaque.

The bodice and skirt of the dress is  green satin, while black details on the bust give a modern touch to it alongside with a black belt.

During in her performance she uses the mirror effect with the multiplied reflections of her, more simple than the one Sergey Lazarev unfolds during his staging.

Vocally she delivers the song impressively and leaves a promise of a potential qualification to the final .

Check out her video of Tamara’s first rehearsal:


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