Expo Tel Aviv sees the fourth day of rehearsals, with the 2nd half of the second semi-final evening unfolding on the impressive stage of Expo Tel Aviv. The rest eight countries of the 2nd semi final that will rehearse today, following yesterday’s first set of nine countries, are Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, North Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

Up next to rehearse is Jurijus from Lithuania and his song “Run with the Lions”. The Lithuanian act is facing in this year’s contest contestants- “Lions” ….. will he manage to achieve a grand final qualification?

The Lithuanian act has opted for clothes in black. Precisely, he is wearing a black shirt and a black t shirt under it combined with black trousers.

The staging is rather more simple comparing to other entries while the red and yellow lights on the background feature the whole performance

Having no other special effects the camera makes several close ups to the Lithuanian representative  who vocally is quiet good.

Check out Lithuania’s first rehearsal video :