Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 5: Belarus, Serbia and Belgium are up next for their 2nd rehearsal

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 5: Belarus, Serbia and Belgium are up next for their 2nd rehearsal

After one day break due to the local holiday of the Israeli National Independence Day, rehearsals get back on track starting with the semi final 1 countries. After completing a full round of first rehearsals for both semi finals competing countries, the schedule moves on today to the 2nd rehearsal for each country. The day kicks off with Cyprus and concludes with Portugal.The only countries from the 1st semi final that will rehearse second time tomorrow are Greece and San Marino.


Next to rehearse on stage was Belarus and its representative  16-year-old ZENA, who is the youngest contestant in this year’s contest, performing her entry “Like it”

This rehearsal sees are change of outfit for Zena which in this rehearsal is wearing tight shorts combined with a tailored,short,  long sleeve top  in colors of white, black and pink. Her top displays on front her name in  graffiti style design. Her new outlook is completed with white high leather boots which at the top end have on both of them her name as a graffiti design too.

Vocally really good and her performance alongside with here two dancers coveys an energetic vibe while the flames around the stage and the fireworks give an “explosive” element to the presentation.

Here is Zena’s 2nd rehearsal video:



Up next is Nevena Božović  representing Serbia with her song “Kruna”.

The Serbian delegate looked confident on stage, likely in part to her prior Junior Eurovision Song Contest experience in 2007, and her time with Moje 3 who represented Serbia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

No change to her outfit and any other elements of the staging while her vocals where once again stunning.

Take a look at Serbia’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


Belgium is the last country before the second break to rehearse as its hopeful Eliot takes the stage to rehearse his entry “Wake up” for the second  time .

Eliot appears on stage  as in the first rehearsal with the  black skinny type jeans combined with a dark blue jacket. The jacket has on it orange straps.

Two drummers- dancers join aside Eliot on stage as in the first rehearsal. The vibration of the drums gives an ongoing tempo to the song that certainly wakes you up!

Check out Eliot’s 2nd rehearsal video below:

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