After one day break due to the local holiday of the Israeli National Independence Day, rehearsals get back on track starting with the semi final 1 countries. After completing a full round of first rehearsals for both semi finals competing countries, the schedule moves on today to the 2nd rehearsal for each country. The day kicks off with Cyprus and concludes with Portugal.The only countries from the 1st semi final that will rehearse second time tomorrow are Greece and San Marino.

Next two countries to take the stage for their 2nd rehearsal are Czech Republic and Hungary.

Czech Repubic

The boy band Lake Malawi get on stage to rehearse for the first time their entry “Friend of A friend” . 

The group maintains the first rehearsal’s casual look wearing each one different colored jumper combined with skinny style jeans.

Here is Lake Malawi’s 2nd rehearsal video:


The stage is ready for  Joci Pápai to rehearse for a second time his emotional song about the deep father-son relationship .

Joci appears all in black and barefoot on the stage, wearing cropped black trousers with a short decorative over skirt.

On the LED floor and later on the background’s LED screens  a tree is displayed symbolizing his roots and family past and background.

His vocals a very stable and close to the audio version of the song.

Check out Joci’s rehearsal video below: