Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 5: Poland and Slovenia follow with their 2nd rehearsals

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 5: Poland and Slovenia follow with their 2nd rehearsals

After one day break due to the local holiday of the Israeli National Independence Day, rehearsals get back on track starting with the semi final 1 countries. After completing a full round of first rehearsals for both semi finals competing countries, the schedule moves on today to the 2nd rehearsal for each country. The day kicks off with Cyprus and concludes with Portugal. The only countries from the 1st semi final that will rehearse second time tomorrow are Greece and San Marino.

The next two countries to follow are Poland and Slovenia .


The 4th country to take the stage for its 2nd rehearsal is Poland with the folk group Tulia and their song ” Fire of love (Pali się)”.

The folk group  begin its performance wearing red sparkly veils, which once removed reveals golden colored headdresses, combined  with feathers, flowers and jewels, that match their skirts.

Their outfits is exactly the same with the first rehearsal while their vocals are very good showing that the chemistry is there!

Check out Tulia’a 2nd rehearsal video:


Following Poland is Slovenia and the duo  Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl. The young age duo took the stage to rehearse live their entry Sebi for a 2nd time.

The white color in both of their outfits remains as in the first rehearsal, as Zala performs wearing a white polo-neck t-shirt whilst Gašper a more simple white t-shirt. They both wear white trousers combined with white snickers.

They both seem confident on stage showcasing the chemistry between them while vocally they are very good .

Check out the 2nd rehearsal video of the duo from Slovenia:

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