Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 5: The day concludes with Iceland, Estonia and Portugal

Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 5: The day concludes with Iceland, Estonia and Portugal

After one day break due to the local holiday of the Israeli National Independence Day, rehearsals get back on track starting with the semi final 1 countries. After completing a full round of first rehearsals for both semi finals competing countries, the schedule moves on today to the 2nd rehearsal for each country. The day kicks off with Cyprus and concludes with Portugal.The only countries from the 1st semi final that will rehearse second time tomorrow are Greece and San Marino.


Iceland is up next to rehearse and the promising 3 member techno group of Hatari take the stage to rehearse their song “Hate will prevail” for the second time.

The a gothic BDSM style is once more here again dominating the whole performance. Matthias, the harsh singer, wears a black harness, with long plastic type sleeves while his trousers are black PVC as in the first rehearsal.  The spikes on the band’s costumes, have red paint on them so as to  to look like blood.

The other member on stage wears an flesh-colored bodysuit and full body harness giving the impression that he is nude, perfectly combined with the BDSM outlook.

Vocally better than the first rehearsal as Matthias, the harsh singer introduces us to the song with his rough vocals contradicting the high note vocalist, Klemens , who deliver’s his part perfectly .

Check out the video of Hatari’s 2nd rehearsal:


The next act to rehearse for his 2nd time, is Victor Crone from Estonia , performing his song “Storm”

Victor appears in the same clothes that he wore in the first rehearsal, black trousers, a white shirt and a black leather jacket.

The performance is a one man show and the effects have to do with the lights mostly and the 12 columns on the background with LED screens.

Check out Estonia’s 2nd rehearsal video:


The day closes with the Portuguese representative Conan Osiris and his entry “Telemoveis”a song with electronic and ethnic sounds from different influences.

Conan appear in his second rehearsal without any differences from the first one.

He is joined on stage by his backing dancer João, who appears topless on the stage moving alongside Conan. The colors of the Portuguese flag are reflected on stage, as both are wearing green outfits with the LED screens being dominated by red-colored roses.

Vocally he delivers the song in a satisfying way.

Check out Portugal’s 2nd rehearsal video:

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