Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 5: Time for Georgia and Australia to take the stage for their 2nd rehearsal

Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 5: Time for Georgia and Australia to take the stage for their 2nd rehearsal

After one day break due to the local holiday of the Israeli National Independence Day, rehearsals get back on track starting with the semi final 1 countries. After completing a full round of first rehearsals for both semi finals competing countries, the schedule moves on today to the 2nd rehearsal for each country. The day kicks off with Cyprus and concludes with Portugal.The only countries from the 1st semi final that will rehearse second time tomorrow are Greece and San Marino.


Next act on to rehearse is Oto Nemsadze  from Georgia. Oto takes the stage in order to make his second rehearsal of his entry “Sul tsin iare”(Keep on going).

No change to Oto’s outfit as he appears on stage dressed in black. Black jeans and boots is his choice combined with a black army-style jacket. His male backing vocalists also in black once again.

Vocally delivers the song very well showing more confident on stage than the first rehearsal.

Check out Oto’s 2nd rehearsal video:


Next to rehearse is Australia with Kate Miller-Heidke .The performance is pretty much what the song title stands for ….Zero gravity , as Kate and the backing singers are all all hovering .

The staging is the same with the one we say in the national final. Kate wears a silver gown, with a large skirt while the bodice of the dress is long sleeved and  the top ending of the dress itself combines a retro style around the shoulder pads, as in the first rehearsal.

Her dancers are also wearing floating  gown with shades of dark blue and green.

In this rehearsal the Australian gave some bit more of attention as some vocal points during the performance and as the three rehearsing runs took place.

Take a look at Australia’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


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