Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 6: Big 5 rehearsals continue with Spain

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 6: Big 5 rehearsals continue with Spain

After last day’s rehearsals with almost all of semi final 1 countries making their 2nd rehearsal, rehearsals continue with the two remaining countries from the first semi final and nine from the 2nd semi final to conclude with the big 5 and host country’s first rehearsal.  Therefore the day kicks off with Greece  and concludes with Germany.

As the Big 5 first rehearsal continue to unfold , its time for Spain and Miki to get onstage and make his debut rehearsal of “La Venda”. Can Miki bring the trophy to Spain after 5 decades without a single victory?

Miki appears on stage dressed in black while his 2 male dancers wear trousers and a  tight shirt in colors of grey and the his other two female dancers in colors of light green and purple.

As the song begins we see on stage a big parallel two-storey structure , with each floor being divided into 3 squares , indicating the rooms of a two floor house.The two male dancers stand initially on the two side “rooms”  on the top floor while the female ones down stairs .

The Spanish act begins his performance from middle of the structure and makes interactive moves to the his dancers by approaching their rooms separately. Later on all dancers exit what seems to be the two floor house and join Miki dancing in front of it.

As soon as the dancers join Miki dancing in the center of the stage, a puppet illuminated robot appears on the left side of the construction.

Heading to the end of the song Miki moves on to the catwalk in the front part of the stage with his dancers following him eventually.

A totally energetic performance by Miki during which he delivers the song with solid vocals.

Check out Spain’s first rehearsal clip:

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