Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 6: It’s time for Switzerland’s and Latvia’s 2nd rehearsal

Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 6: It’s time for Switzerland’s and Latvia’s 2nd rehearsal

After last day’s rehearsals with almost all of semi final 1 countries making their 2nd rehearsal, rehearsals continue with the two remaining countries from the first semi final and nine from the 2nd semi final to conclude with the big 5 and host country’s first rehearsal.  Therefore the day kicks off with Greece  and concludes with Germany.

Next two countries to take the stage are Switzerland and Latvia.


It was time for Luca Hänni to make his 2nd rehearsal. The Swiss representative got on stage to dance off literally his entry She got me.

Luca is wearing black trousers, boots and a sleeveless vest . On the other had, his dancers are all dressed in red.

No changes from what we saw during the first rehearsal but it show that he’s vocals are much better than the first time and his all performance much more solid and of confidence.

Check out Luca’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


Up next is Latvia and its representative, the group Carousel with their entry “That night”

Carousel’s leading vocalist, Sabīne, appears on stage wearing once again her  white lacy dress, with a black belt around the waist, combined with a large hat.

The same  hippie style dominates her outlook while the rest of the  band members wear casual white shirts and dark colored trousers.

Check out the video from Carousel’s 2nd rehearsal:

Angelo D.

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