Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 6: Next to rehearse are San Marino and Armenia

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 6: Next to rehearse are San Marino and Armenia

After last day’s rehearsals with almost all of semi final 1 countries making their 2nd rehearsal, rehearsals continue with the two remaining countries from the first semi final and nine from the 2nd semi final to conclude with the big 5 and host country’s first rehearsal.  Therefore the day kicks off with Greece  and concludes with Germany.

Up next for their second rehearsal are San Marino and Armenia.

San Marino

Serhat is coming back to the contest after 2016 participation and this year he invites us to sing with him “Say Na Na Na”.

No special changes to this rehearsal as Serhat takes the stage wearing again  a white jacket and white trousers. His 5  dancers that join him on the stage are too dressed in white but instead of trousers the two male dancers  are wearing shorts and white snickers, whilst the rest three females wear a white outfit.

Serhat begins his performance standing on a podium  at center of the stage. He joins his dancers in some moves and at the bridge they appear to join him by echoing some of his lyrics into brightly-lit megaphones.

No major amendments although Serhat sound vocally improved that his first rehearsal.

Check out Serhat’s 2nd rehearsal:



Armenia is next to make it’s 2nd rehearsal with Srbuk taking the staging to give a second run of rehearsals for “Walking out”.

The Armenian goes to the stage wearing a short black dress, styled like a blazer as in the first rehearsal. Around her waist she is wearing a black PVC belt, combined with the same pair of high black boots.

Vocally her 2nd run was the best one so far.

Take a look at Srbuk’s 2nd rehearsal:

Angelo D.

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