Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 7: Check out Croatia’s and Malta’s second rehearsal

Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 7: Check out Croatia’s and Malta’s second rehearsal

The Eurovision 2019 rehearsals are going on today in the 7th day, during which a total of nine countries will make their 2nd rehearsal . These are the countries that will perform in the second half of the 2nd semi final on May 16.

First two countries to rehearse are Croatia and Malta .


First act to open today’s rehearsals is Roko Blažević from Croatia who appear on stage to rehearse his entry entitled “The Dream”

Roko appears on stage dress in total white as in the first rehearsal. He is wearing his white trousers with a simple white t-shirt on top , and above that a white leather jacket.His two dancers that stand behind him, on his two sides appear on stage half naked on top and wearing white trousers. They have a pair of golden winds attached on their backs.

No dramatic change to this second rehearsal though we must outline his even more improved vocal performance.

Take A look at Roko’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


After Croatia’s 2nd rehearsal ,second to rehearse today is Michel Pace from Malta. The X-factor winner is representing Malta with her song “Chameleon” 

Michela appears on stage dress in white. She is wearing a casual white pair of jeans combined on top with a white sporty  while inside wears a white t-shirt.

The 4 dancers have changed outfits in this 2nd rehearsal as they opted now for white outfits instead of the different colors each one ( pink, yellow, purple , black) that we saw in the first rehearsal.

However the 2 dimension cube, in which in which the switching of colors takes place more quicker and intensively, while Michela was dancing with her dancers, is removed from this 2nd rehearsal.

Vocally obvious improvement from the first rehearsal’s performance.

Check out Michela’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


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