Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 7: Lithuania, Russia and Albania go on with their 2nd rehearsals

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 7: Lithuania, Russia and Albania go on with their 2nd rehearsals

The Eurovision 2019 rehearsals are going on today in the 7th day, during which a total of nine countries will make their 2nd rehearsal . These are the countries that will perform in the second half of the 2nd semi final on May 16.

Up next are the countries of Lithuania, Russia and  Albania


Up next to rehearse is Jurijus from Lithuania and his song “Run with the Lions”.

No significant changes to 2nd rehearsal performance as Jurijus is wearing same black shirt and a black t shirt under it combined with black trousers.

Apart for the light effects, his staging includes several close ups to the Lithuanian representative  who vocally is good once again .

Take a look at the Lithuanian 2nd rehearsal clip:


After Lithuania it’s time for Russia and Sergey Lazarev to make his second rehearsal of his entry “Scream”

Sergey Lazarev appears on stage wearing once more his white shirt and tight white jeans. Behind him several mirrors seem to  reflect his image.

At the beginning of the song his reflection in the mirror shows independent motion from his real moves to fall back again and comply with his actual movement on stage.

At some point later he stands behind a window glass as rain drops are suppose to  run down on it, but a problem with the water panel left the window without rain. Behind the LED background initially displays rain of stars which turn progressively into a storm with lightning.

Check out Russia’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


Albania rehearses just before the break, Jonida Maliqi, is representing this year the country with the song entitled  Ktheju tokës 

No changes to her outfit as she is wears again her black dress , which has short sleeves and low scoop neckline. The skirt is opaque, with several horizontal strips in black.

She delivers her song impressively with powerful vocals.

Check out Albania’s second rehearsal clip:


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