Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 7: Next up is Norway and The Netherlands

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 7: Next up is Norway and The Netherlands

The Eurovision 2019 rehearsals are going on today in the 7th day, during which a total of nine countries will make their 2nd rehearsal . These are the countries that will perform in the second half of the 2nd semi final on May 16.

Up next are the contestants from Norway and The Netherlands.


Next to rehearse after the lunch break is Norway , which this year is represented by  Keiino and their song “Spirit in the Sky” 

All three members of the group are dressed in black. At the beginning of the song Tom και ο Fred are located on the catwalk in the front part of the stage while Alexandra stands on the central part of the stage. Afterward they all meet on the main part of the stage.

The vocals of the group are very good and the chemistry is there among them. In this second rehearsal we some more smoke and fireworks while at the beginning of the song the Northern Lights are displayed on the background.

Check out Norway’s 2nd rehearsal clip:

The Netherlands

It’s time for the bookies’ favorite to make his second rehearsal, as the Dutch representative , Duncan Laurence, is performing his entry  “Arcade”

Duncan delivers his song by sitting in front of a piano through the entire song while a dark blue color dominates the background.

With not many effects apart from the lights , the Dutch act has focused in showcasing his vocal skills. The cameraman makes several close ups to Duncan to capture the expressions ans passion in his performance.

A round lighting which is based on a transparent cube is put in front of the Dutch act and lights up during the last notes of the songs illuminating Duncan’s face.

Check out Duncan’s 2nd rehearsal clip:

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