Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 8: Last two Big 5 countries to rehearse are the U.K and Germany

Tel Aviv rehearsals Day 8: Last two Big 5 countries to rehearse are the U.K and Germany

Today technical rehearsals go on with the second run for the Big 5 countries and the host country of  Israel. 

Last two Big 5 countries to rehearse are the United Kingdom and Germany.

United Kingdom

Up next from the Big 5 countries is the United Kingdom with Michael Rice and his entry “Bigger than us”

Michael gets to the stage dressed once again all in black . He is wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket over it. On the contrary his backing singers are all in white , contradicting the singers outfit.

The performance starts with Michael appearing alone on stage as his 5 backing vocalists will join him after. On the background a galaxy of stars is displayed making the scene quiet impressive.

The beginning of the song is still in black and white. however  in this rehersal the UK’s delegation make use of the triangles on the ceiling to great effect.

Michael’s vocals are flawless as usual. and at the end his backing vocalist approach him making a tight circle .

Check out Michael’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


The day reaches its final rehearsal with Germany, as the duo S!sters take the stage for the 2nd rehearsal of their entry “Sister”

The duo appears on the stage, choosing the same black color for their outfits. Laurita wears a short, black  playsuit, with a v-neck , while Carlotta wears an outfit a skin-tight, high-waist leggings, and a long sleeved  cropped top.

The biggest change to the German staging is the girls are no longer seated at the start of the performance. They are standing on opposite sides of the triangle on the outer part of the stage.

Afterwards  they meet in the front part of the stage. The words  “SORRY” and “RESPECT” are displayed when they meet.

During the last notes of the song several pictures showing women related to each other appear on the LED screen behind. Another notable minor change is that the peace symbol at the end of the performance is gone.

Take A look at Germany’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


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