Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 8: Next Big 5 countries to rehearse are Spain and Italy

Tel Aviv Rehearsals Day 8: Next Big 5 countries to rehearse are Spain and Italy

Today technical rehearsals go on with the second run for the Big 5 countries and the host country of  Israel. 

It’s time for Spain and Italy to take the stage and make their 2nd technical rehearsal.


As the Big 5 second rehearsals continue to unfold , its time for Spain and Miki to get onstage and make his debut rehearsal of “La Venda”.

Miki appears on stage dressed in the same black  outfit as in the first semi final while his  2 male dancers wear trousers and a tight shirt in colors of grey and the his other two female dancers in colors of light green and purple.

The staging features the same big parallel two-storey structure  as in the first rehearsal, with each floor being divided into 3 squares , indicating the rooms of a two floor house.The two male dancers stand initially on the two side “rooms”  on the top floor while the female ones stand downstairs .

After interacting on each floor with the dancers , Miki comes to the middle of the stage with the 4 dancers following him , while on the left a big muppet illuminated robot appear.

Solid vocals for Miki despite the continuous motion on stage and a very energetic performance.

Chekc out Miki’s 2nd rehearsal clip:


Next Big 5 country to rehearse is Italy represented this year by, Mahmood and his entry “Soldi”.

A change of outfit in this rehearsal for Mahmood who during the 3rd run Mahmood changed shirts and came out wearing an eye-catching black, red and white shirt, contrasting well with his dancers all dressed in black.

The Italian act performs with 3 male dancers, who interact with the LED screen in the background. During the performance some of the song’s lyrics appear translated in English on the screen. During the last notes of the song the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” is displayed on the LED screens.

Apart from the outfit no other drastic changes to the presentation.

Check out Mahmood’s 2nd rehearsal clip:

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