The Jury Show of the First Semi Final!

The Jury Show of the First Semi Final!

And it’s a fact. We are going through the main weekend of our lovely event. So at 21:00 CET the Jury Rehearsal took place. The interest in this show is very strong because this is the time the national juries decide their favorite songs and their choices determine the 50% of the total result. 18 countries competed in order to persuade the national juries that they deserve their positive evaluation and their hopeful upcoming qualification to the Saturday’s Grand Final.

The show started with a Ukrainian singer singing a very nice up tempo song and giving a very strong dancing performance with an amazing dancing routine. After that, the presenters of the show came on stage giving the first information for the Semi Finals and the Grand Final. The show began and we can point out that all the countries tried to give their best. After their performances Spain, United Kingdom and Italy presented their songs and these are the three countries having the right to vote in the First Semi Final. Jamala also performed her last year winning song “1944” as an interval act with a new version of this song.

It is worth mentioning that there were many technical problems and this is something that the productive team has to take care of, in order to avoid them in the Live Show tomorrow.  To be exact, Demy from Greece performed her song again after the technical problems that she had to face through her first performance. EBU decided that Greece should present the song once more. Apart from that, when Armenia came on stage, the music was not from it’s song but from another and so the show stopped for a while from its predefined succession.

The presentations were good enough but some of the entries were better vocally and they may have gained more the juries’ vote. Georgia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Poland and Chech Repuplic managed to show better their vocal abilities, having in mind that their songs have this privilege as more slow songs. Of course, anyone can be sure as tonight was only the juries’ decision. The only thing that remains is the  audience’s opinion tomorrow in the Live Show and to see if the juries’ vote suits with what people at home think. One day is left for the ten first qualifiers.

Angelo D.

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