The Netherlands: Anneke Grönloh passes away at the age of 76.

The Netherlands: Anneke Grönloh passes away at the age of 76.

Anneke Grönloh, the Dutch representative of Eurovision Song Contest 1964, passed away at the age of 76.

Anneke Grönloh died yesterday aged 76 yo, a year after she had withdrawn from action in the music scene. She was born in the Dutch East Indies and was one of the top selling singers in the country, reaching her peak of carrer in the 60’s.

H journey started in 1959 whne she achieved to win the T.V talent show  Cabaret der onbekenden, which secured her her first recoreding contract. Three years later she will realease her first album which met massive success and from then on successive hits during the 60’s boosted her career to the top.

When she was about to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest she was discouraged by her manager not to do so, as he feared that a bad result will have a negative impact on her career. Ingnoring his advice he accepted with honor to represent The Netherlands in thw Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Copenhagen.  The Dutch singer competed in Copnehagen with her song  Jij bent mijn leven , which finished in 10th place with 2 points.  In 1969 she attempted one more time to represent her country but withput success.

In  2000 she was declared “Singer of the century” due to the huge number of sales her first album (1962) achieved. Last year she held her last concert and withdrew from the music scene.

Lets remember Anneke’s entry in Eurovision 1964:

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