The Netherlands: AVROTROS confirms its participation in Eurovision 2019

The Netherlands: AVROTROS confirms its participation in Eurovision 2019

Another country added to the map of confirmed participating nations in the next Eurovision 2019, as the Netherlands has confirmed its presence next year in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As we informed you in a previous article a number of 14 countries have already confirmed their participation in the next Eurovision Song Contest in Israel and as the EBU deadline (September 15) will be approaching progressively more national broadcasters are expected to join the party. Today another country signed up on the list of participants, as the Dutch national broadcaster, AVROTROS , confirmed that The Netherlands will be next year present on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Israel. However, the broadcaster hasn’t revealed yet which will be the national selection format to determine its next Eurovision representative. 

In this year’s contest the country was represented by Waylon who was internally selected by the national broadcaster. Waylon finished in 18th place with 121 points performing his song Outlaw In ‘Em


The Netherlands has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 59 times since making its debut as one of the seven countries at the first contest in 1956, and has missed only four contests so far (1985, 1991, 1995 and 2002).

The Netherlands has won the contest four times, with Corry Brokken in 1957, Teddy Scholten in 1959, Lenny Kuhr in a four-way tie in 1969 and Teach-In in 1975,  The country has achieved some remarkable results in the past finishing 4th with Sandra & Andres (1972), 3rd with Mouth & MacNeal (1974), 5th with Maggie MacNeal (1980), 5th with Marcha (1987) and fourth with Edsilia Rombley (1998). Its worst results were in 1958, 1962, 1963, 1968, when it finished last and in 2011 when ending up last in the semifinal.

After the introduction of the semifinals in 2004, the Netherlands was struggling to achieve a notable result since it has failed to reach the final for eight years in a row from 2005 to 2012. In the last six year the country managed to reach the Grand final five times. Its best result after its last victory back in 1975 took place in 2014, when The Common Linnets gave The Netherlands a 2nd placing in the grand final behind Conchita, with their song “Calm After the Storm” after a long time of disappointing results.

source: ESCToday

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