The Netherlands: Douwe Bob anti-bullying through his new song ‘Hold On’

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob anti-bullying through his new song ‘Hold On’

Douwe Bob  the Dutch ESC 2016 representative has released a new anti-bullying song titled ‘Hold On’.

Douwe has released the new single ‘Hold on’ which delivers a strong  anti-bullying message, stand with the parents whose children have experienced bullying in their lives. Douwe’s new song conveys emotional vibes and has a strong touch of country sound. 

The Dutch act comments under the music video the case behind the song: 

In recent months Douwe Bob has written a new album. “When I listened to the album I suddenly noticed that I try to comfort people with many of the songs. “Hold On” was written with a friend whose daughter was bullied in mind, which seems like the toughest thing there is. I hope everyone feels that when they listen to the music, but the best thing as a musician is of course to be able to do that live in front of the people. Unfortunately that is not possible now, so I decided two weeks ago to symbolically visit one fan whose child has been bullied in the past. In this way I hope to be able to offer a little comfort in these crazy times. 

Below you can watch the musci video of the song which shows a Douwe singing in a private concert for the family whose kids had been bullied: 

Douwe Bob’s Eurovision Story

Douwe Bob represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, where he performed the song “Slow Down” in the semi-finals and finals on 10 and 14 May 2016. Finishing 11th in the final with a total of 153 points. He was the Dutch spokesperson in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.


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