The Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision 2019, Junior Songfestival, saw Matheu winner performing his entry Dans Met Jou and will represent the country in Gliwice-Silesia next November. 

The national final show saw 4 contestants  while the outcome was determined by votes coming from the public, an children’s jury and a jury of adults.The winning entry Dans Met Jou, received maximum 12 points by all juries with a 8 point margin from second 6times with the entry “End of time”.

Draw Artist Song Songwriter(s) Kids Jury Jury Televote Total Place
01 Moves “Make Your Move” Mark van Tijn, Babet van Vugt, Jochem Fluitsma, Eric van Tijn 10 8 9 27 3
02 Mannes Bakker “Let Me Sing” E. Struijlaart, P. Slager 9 9 8 26 4
03 6Times “End of Time” Jermain van der Bogt, Willem Laseroms 8 10 10 28 2
04 Matheu Hinzen “Dans met jou” Jermain van der Bogt, Willem Laseroms 12 12 12 36 1

Take a look at this year’s Dutch entry at  Junior Eurovision 2019:

The story so far

The Netherlands has been participating in the contest since day 1 in 2003 and haven’t missed a year. In 2009 they won the competition and have achieved nine times to finish in the top 10 places. The country’s worst place came in 2015 when it finished 15th. Last year the country was represented by the duo Max & Anne and their entry Samen, which finished in 13th place with 91 points.