The Netherlands: “Outlaw in Em”, Waylon’s second song goes public

The Netherlands: “Outlaw in Em”, Waylon’s second song goes public

Although the Netherlands was one of the first countries which has selected its representative at ESC 2018, the competing song still remains a question.But,during this week, the mystery is gradually being phased out as Waylon, this year’s country representative, will reveal the remaining four songs that might be his potential Eurovision 2018 entry.

Waylon has written all 5 songs during songwriting sessions in the Netherlands and Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, and will feature on his forthcoming album “The World Can Wait”.

On February 24th, Waylon’s first song entitled “Back Together” had been released during the show “De Wereld Draait Door” and tonight, through the same show, Waylon gave us his second possible entry, Outlaw in Em”.

 Listen to this second song HERE.

 However, Waylon, together with his team and the Eurovision selection commission of Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, have already chosen the song with which the country will be represented in Lisbon. Waylon stated about this selection:

“The ultimate official entry for Portugal I definitely chose with my heart. You may also choose based on calculations, comparing it to other entries, inventing a story around it or putting on a glittering suit as support. The only thing you than do is choosing with your mind, which comes in handy to understand a choice, but not to make it.Ultimately, I have to stand there, sing it and accept what is there. The love for music remains a personal choice. Thank goodness! I do wish you enjoyment with the national debate!”

Also, although it was announced that we will find out the definitive country’s entry on March 3rd, the date has been changed and the official Dutch entry will be announced a day earlier, on March 2nd.

Untill then, Waylon’s team will present each song day by day, according the presentation schedule below:

Waylon’s song presentation schedule

  • 23/02: Song #1
  • 26/02: Song #2
  • 27/02: Song #3
  • 28/02: Song #4
  • 01/03: Song #5
  • 02/03: Official Dutch Eurovision 2018 entry presentation


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