The Netherlands: The duo Max & Anne to Junior Eurovision 2018

The Netherlands: The duo Max & Anne to Junior Eurovision 2018

The duo Max & Anne have won tonight the Dutch national final, Junior Songfestival 2018 with their song Samen and will represent the Netherlands in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 next November in Minsk.

The final of the Junior Songfestival 2018 took place this evening and four acts battle to win the golden ticket for Minsk, Belarus. The show was hosted by Romy Monteiro and the final outcome was determined by a professional jury (33%), a kids jury formed of the Fource (33%) and  public voting having a 34% share on the overall result.

The competing acts alongside with their overall results adding point from kids jury&professional jury&public voting developed as follwing:

  • Remix – What Girls Do: 26 points (8+9+9)
  • Max & Anne – Samen: 34 points (12+10+12)
  • Kiya – Butterflies: 25 points (9+8+8)
  • Anna – Touch Each Other’s Heart: 32 points (10+12+10)

The  Professional Jury was formed by Maan ( winner of The Voice of Holland 2016) Buddy Vedder (theatrical and TV actor)  and Tommie Christiaan (singer and musical theatre actor).

Take a look at Max & Anne’s winning performance at the Junior Songfestival 2018 that gave them the ticket to JESC 2018:

The Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The Netherlands participated first time in Junior Eurovision back in 2003. They were crowned victory once in  2009 when Ralf Mackenbach performed Click Clack . The Netherlands alomost won in 2011 when Rachel performed “Teenager”,  left in 2nd place only 5 points less from the top. The Netherlands worst result came with Shalisa in 2015 when she finished in 15th place among 17 countries.

Lets remember the country’s winning song back in JESC 2009:

Angelo D.

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