The Netherlands: Unity to defend the Dutch colors at Junior Eurovision 2020

The Netherlands: Unity to defend the Dutch colors at Junior Eurovision 2020

The female group Unity won the Junior Songfestival and are off to Warsaw to represent The Netherlands at the upcoming Junior Eurovision  with their entry “Best Friends”. 

A total of three acts competed in the Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 while the outcome was determined by the public and two juries. The first jury was consisted of adult music experts while the second was made up by former Junior Songfestival contestants.

Namely the adults’ jury was formed by :

  • Duncan Laurence ( ESC 2019 winner)
  • Fenna Ramos ( singer, actress and TV presenter)
  • Ronnie Flex ( Rapper)

The childrens’ jury was made up by:

  • Matheu ( Dutch JESC 2019 rerpesentative)
  • 6times – Gioia, Yosina, Roxy, Idaila, Noa kai Amy (2nd place Junior Songfestival 2019)

Once the votes from all parts were counted ( Adults’ + Chlidrens’ Jury + Public) the outcome declared winners the group Unity! Here are how the results turned out:

  • T-Square – Count on me : 29 points ( 10+9+10 points) 3rd place
  • Jackie & Janae – It’s You and Me : 30 points ( 9+12 +9 points) 2nd place
  • Unity – Best Friends : 32 poinrs ( 12+ 10+12 points) 1st place

Before the national final began the contestants Robin and the memeber of Unity, Demi , were tested for Covid-19 and found positive. Both of the acts had to withdraw from the national final leaving the selection with three candidates, while Unity appeared as a group with three members instead of four. However Demi will be able to join the group as they ll compete at Junior Eurovision in Warsaw.

Tha same luck had the juror Emma Heesters who had to withdraw from appearing at the show as she had prvious contact with a person who was found positvie to covid-19. Emma was replaced by Fenna Ramos.

Here is Unity performing the winning entry “Best Friends”: 


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