The Netherlands: Waylon’s fifth and last song released

The Netherlands: Waylon’s fifth and last song released

A few minutes ago, Waylon, the Dutch representative at Eurovision 2018, presented, though  the show “De Wereld Draait Door”, his last potential entry to travel to Lisbon. This fifth song is called “Thanks but no thanks” and completes the set of the five possible Dutch entries for ESC 2018.

Listen below to the 5th entry:

 We,now, have all the potential entries available (you can find  our previous relevant articles HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) and the only thing to be done so on is the official  presentation of the final choice. As we know, Waylon, together with his team and the Eurovision selection commission of Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS, have already chosen the song with which the country will be represented in Lisbon.

Next step? Friday March 3rd! That is the day when Waylon will reveal to the audience which of the five songs will finally travel with him to  Lisbon!

Below, you can listen to the previous 4 songs:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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