The Netherlands were one the first countries to reveal it ESC 2018 representative. Waylon has been announced as the country’s next Eurovision representative in Lisbon. This will be the second time the artist will be representing the Netherlands, since he had done it one more time back in 2014 as member of the Common Linnets and their song »Calm After The Storm» that brought the honorable 2nd placing for the country.

Despite the fact that the successor of  O’G3NE has been known for a long time now, the entry still remains a question. However, this will reach to its end  from today, as Waylon will be singing up to next week five times in the show De Wereld Draait Door and will be presenting to us the candidate songs for the Eurovision Stage in Lisbon next May.

His first song is entitled  »Back Together» and you can listen to it below:

So what do you think of Waylon’s first song for Eurovision 2018?