The new Israeli National Broadcaster’s entrance in EBU.

The new Israeli National Broadcaster’s entrance in EBU.

Despite the fact that Eurovision Song Contest is a big celebration of music, it  can sometimes become a way of communicating major events for a country.

All of us still remember the moment that Israeli representative Ofer Nachshon announced, before giving the jury votes, that the Israeli national broadcaster IBA Channel One would shut down its broadcasting and so it would probably be the last entry for Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. This was one of the most emotional moments of this year Eurovision Song Contest with the Israeli representative making a reference to the participation of Israel in the Contest and their winning entries.

Although it was more than certain that Israel would not take part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal in May 2018, it was announced that a new Israeli National Broadcaster, KAN, is being created. KAN is a new official member of EBU and, therefore, the way for Israel’s participation in the competition is again wide open.




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