The running order of the 2 semi-final

The running order of the 2 semi-final

On the 25th of January, at the city hall of Stockholm, the draw of the 2 semi-finals was held, for the 37 countries that will take part in the 2 semi-final, (10 and 12 of May). This draw determined in which semi and in which part will every country participate in.

On the 8th of March, the exact running order of the two semi-final was  revealed. The fianla running order is not based on a draw but the producers of the show arrange the running order of the semi-finals and then of the grand final.

The final running orders of the 2 semi-final are:

Semi-Final 1 (10th of May):

1. Finland

2. Greece

3. Moldova

4. Hungary

5. Croatia

6. The Netherlands

7. Armenia

8. San Marino

9. Russia

10. Czech Republic

11. Cyprus

12. Austria

13. Estonia

14. Azerbaijan

15. Montenegro

16. Iceland

17. Bosnia & Herzegovina

18. Malta


Semi-Final 2 (12th of May):

1. Latvia

2. Poland

3. Switzerland

4. Israel

5. Belarus

6. Serbia

7. Ireland

8. FYR Macedonia

9. Lithuania

10. Australia

11. Slovenia

12. Romania

13. Bulgaria

14. Denmark

15. Ukraine

16. Norway

17. Georgia

18. Albania

19. Belgium


The first 10 countries from the 2 semi-final will take the ticket for the Grand Final (14th of May) and will join the Big 5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and Sweden which will take part in The Grand Final.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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