The view of Lisbon’s arena

The view of Lisbon’s arena

Through Portugal’s public television, RTP, we have some virtual simulations from this year’s scene of Eurovision. The virtual view is from the famous Green Room. The plans that have been released since December are quite impressive and the fans of the competition are waiting for the final result.

The scene of Lisbon was designed by Florian Wieder, who created the scene in previous competitions. He explained that the Eurovision stage of 2018 is inspired by four key points linked to the culture and history of Portugal: Navigation,  sea, ships and maps.


A few days ago, the Portuguese representative, Claudia Pascoal, along with the composer of her song, O Jardim, Isaura, were found at the Altice Arena and were photographed in the arena as preparations began for the construction of the scene.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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