Third time lucky for Dilara Kazimova

Third time lucky for Dilara Kazimova

Today Ictimai revealed the winner of their national selection Böyük Səhnə 2014.

The artist to fly the azerbaijani flag in Copenhagen is Dilara Kazimova.

Dilara Kazimova was born 20 May 1984 in Baku. She is an Azerbaijani singer and actress. She has also participated twice before in the Azerbaijani national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest before, first as part of the group Unformal placing secong in the final in 2008, and as a member of Milk & Kisses placing second again in the national final in 2010.

Kazimova has also had roles in two Azerbaijani films “Çalış, nəfəs alma” in 2006 and “Sirat körpüsü” in 2007.

Dilara Kazimova`s Eurovision song will be announced on 15 March, 2014.


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