Ticket sale kicks off!!!

Ticket sale kicks off!!!

National Broadcaster of Ukraine NTU, announced today the ticket agency which is responsible for Eurovision Song Contest Tickets 2017. V TIcket, the owners of Concert.ua will collaborate with NTU and the ticket sales will begin tomorrow, February the 14th at 19:15 CET!!!!

Almost 70.000 tickets will be online for the dress rehearsals, the semi final shows and the Grand Final of ESC 2017. Ticket prices will range from 8-500 Euros.

Mr. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor says:

<<We are pleased that the tickets for this year’s Contest will be going on sale imminently after some delay. We have been assured by UA:PBC that they have found the right partner in concert.ua, and this is the best outlet for the vast array of Eurovision Song Contest fans, who are based all over the world, to purchase their tickets for the much anticipated event this year in Kiev.  We are sure that all those who are successful in purchasing tickets, will be welcomed to the host city and have a great time this May>>.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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