UK: Emmelie to save UK’s reputation?

UK: Emmelie to save UK’s reputation?

Last week, BBC announced this year’s submission period for ESC 2017 National final.  Hugh Goldsmith, BBC’s music industry consultant, stated that “will need to combine emotive lyrics and memorable melodies with a brilliant production” for this year’s entry.

Back in 2013, Emmelie de Forest won the first place for her country, Denmark, with her song Only teardrops. Now, in 2016, Emmelie will try to save UK’s reputation in 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. That’s right! Emmelie is attending a songwriting camp, in Copenhagen,  focused on writing for the UK’s National selection 2017. Denmark’s   Eurovision winner of 2013 announced through her Snapchat account (videos and fotos) her interest in writting a song for UK and showed her hard work at Medley Studios in Copenhagen.


This is not the first time Emmelie is competing to a National Final as a composer. Last year, she was a co-writter of  Anja Nissen’s entry in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 Never alone, which ended up in the 2nd place.

Is the 23 years old Girl from Denmark, what UK needs?


Stefanos Charpantidis

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