UK: We can’t wait to perform in Stockholm

UK: We can’t wait to perform in Stockholm

Joe & Jake will carry the colours of United Kingdom in Stockholm next May 14th. The two friends answer our questions in a real good mood.

Alain : Hello Joe, hello Jake, welcome in Amsterdam for this “Eurovision in Concert”! You will sing “You’re Not Alone” to represent United Kingdom in Stockholm. Can you tell me how this song was born?

Joe : How the song was born ? We decided that we wanna go for the BBC. We start searching for a song, we tried to write some music and we came across « You’re not alone » and we just absolutly fell in love with it. It’s great.


Alain : Like a lot of artist this year, you lived the “The Voice” adventure… Compared to “The Voice”, what does Eurovision represent?

Jake : There’s a big difference, I mean… « The Voice » and Eurovision are such different competitions, on « The Voice » you represent yourself, on Eurovision you’re representing the U.K., it’s your country, it’s huge, we’re really proud of it. It’s just an absolute dream come true.

Alain : When was your friendship born? Can you tell me what made you get closer to each other?

Joe : On « The Voice » ! You know, we were on the same team, we just take a step back and a lot of laugh. When the competition ends, we both start working on things together, we’re both musicians, things get so natural !

Alain : Tell me a bit more about your respective careers. From an artistic point of view, can you tell me when the very beginning for you was?

Joe : Well, I’m from Wales, I start singing in choirs then I decided rapping finally but it didn’t really work! (laughs) but I always sang and I entered “The Voice”… and that’s where I meet Jake…

Jake : Yeah, I’ve definitively been a massive fan of music, I spent a lot of time playing music when I was a child. I was a big fan of Elvis Presley you know, everytime I saw him on TV concerts… I grew up with his music, singing all alone and so “The Voice” happened…

Alain : If Eurovision imposed another discipline, in addition to a song, what could you propose to Europe for a 3 minutes time?

Joe : Oh, that’s a difficult question… well, I can do rap (laughs), no!! We both love sport, so maybe some sport, we like rugby and football.


Alain : A little message for your fans?

Jake : Thank you so much guys for loving our song, we can’t wait to perform in Stockholm.

Euro’Idol Infe France thank you for this interview, we wish you good luck in Stockholm!


Stefanos Charpantidis

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